Sungard - eSchoolPLUS

In the 2016 school year we are implementing three components from the PLS 360 suite of applications from Sungard K12 Education. 

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Self-paced trainings:

•Basic Navigation of eSchoolPLUS
•Creating a Student Wach List
•Creating Appointments
•Creating Student Notes
•Reviewing At-Risk Factors
•Emailing Staff and Guardians
•Viewing Student Attachments
•Uploading Student Attachments

•Enrolling a New Student
•Adding a New Contact
•Withdrawing a Student
•Re-enrolling a Student

•Address Labels
•Activity Eligibility
•Enrollment Statistics
•Headcount Statistics
•ADA/ADM Statistics
•Building Assignment Report
•Building Discrepancy Report
•Entering Attendance Using the Year View
•Entering Attendance Using the Year View Range Option
•Using the Printable Option

Scheduling: Individual Student
    • Scheduling Students with the Entry Option
    • Scheduling Stydfebnts with Mass Entry
    • Scheduling Students with the Grid Option
    • Walk-In Scheduling using the Model Option
    • Trailing Grades
Scheduling: Student Course Request Reports

Scheduling Student Course Requests

Scheduling Admin: District Course Setup

Scheduling Admin: Master Schedule

•Entering a Discipline Incident
•Adding a Non-Student Detail Record
•Adding Attendance with a Discipline Incident

Nurses: Medical Records
•Entering Immunizations
•Rx/Tx Requirements
•Using the Daily Log
•Login and Home Page Overview
•Exploring the Student Drawer
•Adding Student Notes
•Searching for Students
•Setting Your Preferences