If you have an urgent question or need immediate help during this session -- there will be an open google hangout at the following URL. 

October 10, 2015 - POWER HOUR ASSIGNMENT

Please use the assigned time to complete the following tasks: 
All Resources are on the page below. 
  1. Watch intro video.
  2. Review eLearning tutorial for Report Card Completion.
  3. Review attached instructions for Report Card.
  4. Make sure that you can find the relevant area in TAC. 
  5. Do a test load of report card grades. 
  6. Complete the form below certifying your completion and include any questions you may have. 

Elementary Video.mp4

eLearning Tutorials: 

PDFs of instructions: 

Elementary Report Cards

Completion Form: 

Please complete the form at this link to indicate that you have reviewed the materials. 
Please include any questions on this form.