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Under the Hood (Settings)

Let's Take a Look Under the Hood 

Everything in this email happens under the Settings tab on the top right of your email inbox. There are a lot more options in there, so take a look around while we highlight four areas of interest. 

Click the gear icon to get started. 

Inline image 1

Inline image 1

1.)  Sign that email: 
Many people like to put their contact information, or something notable about themselves in the signature of their email.  In the General section of the settings area scroll down to signature - Hit save changes at the bottom when finished

Inline image 2

2.) Take a break: 
The vacation responder is also in the general section of the settings area -- Hit save changes at the bottom when finished

Inline image 3

Continue to use your email while the responder is on, you will see a notification at the top of the window letting you know that is is active. 

Inline image 1

3.) Experiment! 
Google Mail Labs offer experimental and optional features to your email that some people will love, and others might pass on.  Try them out, you can always turn them off! Occasionally the best labs grow up and become a part of Gmail for everyone.

After enabling some Labs additional options appear in the settings windows. 

Here are some of our favorites: 

Inline image 7

Inline image 6

Inline image 8
(Canned responses probably deserves an email of its own. It is great if you send a similar email very frequently.) 

4.) Customize your inbox! 
Some of us spend a lot of time staring at an email screen.  Shouldn't it look a little nicer?  Choose from many options under the themes section.  Some ask for location information, since the background changes based on weather, or time of day. 

Sparky chose a mountain theme because it reminds him of home. 

Inline image 9