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Get Organized!

1) Think labels, not folders! 

2) Labels are easy!
Create a label as needed. From the menu above an email.  

Add an existing label by selecting from this list. 

3) Manage your labels.  

All of your labels that were moved from GroupWise are nested under a "Parent"  called Cabinet.  If you want to get rid of this, go to the settings 

Choose EDIT on each of the nested labels and
 "un-nest" them by unchecking the box marked "Nest label under:"

When you have removed all of the sub-labels, you can delete the old cabinet.

If you like, you can create parent & child (nested) folders using this method too. 

4) Become Power Users - Automate Your Labeling

If you are always getting similar emails from someone (like PD snippets by email from the technology department) and you want to automate an action on these when they come in, Google Apps has that functionality built right in!

Choose Filter messages like this and be as specific or broad as you need to be (don't worry you can test it.) 

You will see the results of the filter in your inbox pane. 
If you are satisfied, choose what happens.  

To apply this to existing messages check the checkbox at the bottom. In this case, a label is added automatically.