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Record - Save - Share

** Note, this resource is created using the "new Drive" - enable the new interface by clicking on the gear (Settings) and choosing Experience the new Drive ** 

One of several options this year for making accommodations for students who require a test be read aloud, is to use Google Drive to Record - Save - Share.  In three easy steps, you can record your test, save it securely on Google Drive, and Share this with a student who needs it to take their quiz or test. 

This method is not just for students who need special accommodations, the same steps could be followed to record any audio and share it with students as needed. 

Recording your quiz will be the most involved part of this three step process.  You should be in a quiet room, but do not need any specialized equipment to do so.  Your school issued laptop has a very good quality microphone built into it.  

If you give common assessments with colleagues, only one of you needs to record the test.  It can be saved, and shared with your partners, who can then share it temporarily with the student that needs to take the test. 

A Few notes: 
  •     This is NOT the only way to record sound and store it on Google Drive. 
    • There are many Apps for iPhone and Android that will save audio to Google. 
    • You may use any sound recording software to create a file, which you upload to Google Drive. 
    • Google Will accept either an MP3 or WAV format file.  This training uses MP3 files because they are much smaller in size. 

Audacity is a powerful sound recording program, but it can also be very simple.  In this example, there are five clicks to the finished product. 

Open Audacity by choosing if from your Start Menu.  Start typing Aud . . . and it will come up in the list. 

Click on the red record button.  Read your assessment into the microphone, and press the yellow button to stop. 

Choose File --> EXPORT.  
Select a location to save your recording.  (The desktop will be fine since we are uploading the file in a moment.)
Name your file. 
Choose MP3 File from the type options.
Ignore the next screen. 


Create a folder to contain your recordings by clicking on the NEW button.  
Navigate to the new folder, and choose File Upload on the NEW button. 

Create a file structure within Google Drive that works for you.  
Choose New ->Folder, and navigate to this folder.
Then, choose New -> File Upload to add files. 

If you are working with a colleague, you may create a shared folder that more than one of you are able to add files to. 

After you upload your recording, you should make sure that it is secure, by selecting the "Prevent Viewers from Downloading File" option in the "Details" pane. 


Sharing in Google Drive is as easy as a right click! Simply right click on the file that you want to share to bring up the Sharing window. 

Begin typing the name of the person that you wish to share with, and change the permissions to "Can View."

To remove a student from this file share when they are done with it, just right click, click Share, and click the X next to their name.