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Google Drive On Your Work PC

For 95% of SPSD Staff, Google Drive offers a far superior experience for file storage and portability over the traditional H:\ drive. 

  • UNLIMITED Online File Storage!
  • Access from home & on your laptop when off-network
  • Collaboration with colleagues
  • Sharing with other Staff / Students
  • Safe - Secure - Protected
  • ???
Most staff members will NOT have an H:/ drive after June 15th, 2015
Migrate your files to Google Drive TODAY!

Step 1: 
    Log in to the Google Drive Application (it is installed on every teacher laptop) 

To open an installed program click the Start Menu button in the bottom left corner, and type the first few names of the program to find it.  Select Google Drive. 

Step 2: 

Follow the on screen instructions and log in with your complete email address and password. 

Step 3:
Open up the start Menu and click on Computer

Find the Google Drive "Favorite" that has been created for you.  It may be empty, or files may have already started to download if you have been using Google Drive. 

Select the files that you wish to move to your Google Drive (Control + A to select all) 
Drag those selected files onto the Google Drive Favorite Folder. 

  • Depending on the size of your drive, this could take a while.  
  • For faster transfers plug into a network cable. 
  • Don't interrupt the transfer. (such as close the laptop) 
Once the files are transferred from your H:\ drive, they will be synced with Google Drive.  This can take a long time, but this part can be interrupted without danger.